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  • For precise application on individual crops.
  • Perfect for plantation crops, e.g. oil palm
  • Single nozzle applicator system
  • Adjustable spray amount and duration
  • Covers 16 hectares per day (oil palm)
  • Available exclusively on Oryctes Dual.
  • For fast, even coverage across large areas.
  • Perfect for row crops, e.g. paddy
  • 4 nozzle applicator system
  • Adjustable droplet size and spray rate
  • Covers 24 hectares per day
  • Available on Oryctes Mist and Oryctes Dual.
  • Designed with grooves that fit locating lugs on the nozzle body.
  • Caps are made of Nylon.
  • Available for use with all TeeJet Spray Tips.